Mother of a Sixth-former experiencing fatigue during a time of adjustment

Nutrition/Functional Medicine

I can highly recommend Lisa as a nutritionist for her subject-knowledge, professional generosity, thoroughness and excellent communication skills.

Her compassion is demonstrated by the wholehearted way in which she engages with all involved and the time she takes to understand the bigger picture.

Lisa is keen to educate and support and she is ready to refer where she deems it to be beneficial.

Thank you Lisa - your skills and determination has impacted my daughter's nutritional habits and general well-being in a positive and lasting way.

N.P - Female - (Corporate Executive)

Nutrition - Fatigue and Gut Health

I first came to see Lisa for gut dysbiosis, heavy metal toxicity and related fatigue. Unlike other practitioners I have seen, she really took the time to understand my health history and identify potential underlying causes. What I appreciate most about her approach to patient care is that she is open to hearing about alternative treatments and often will research new methods to provide me the best care for my individual situation. Lisa is one of the best in her field and I continue to recommend her to my friends and family!

D.M. - Female (Coach)


Finding Lisa for me has been like finding a real treasure. She is so knowledgeable, caring, and helpful. I have already had many positive changes in my condition and am learning lots of useful tips that are changing my life! Thank you!

P.L. - Female (Lawyer)

Hormonal Imbalances and Healthy Ageing

It is not easy to find in Singapore a therapist that looks after your well-being from head to toe and is able to connect the dots between the physical and psychological.

I can only recommend Lisa because she is an excellent and competent professional. She sees through the symptoms to find the root causes, she gives you the space you need to realise what’s going on with your body, and she takes the time to explain and transmit her knowledge, ultimately empowering you to take care of your own health.

In my case she is successfully dealing with a number of gynecological issues coupled with a significant anemia. To this end she is taking an inclusive approach, working hand in hand with my regular specialists to create a bespoke treatment plan for me, including lifestyle and dietary advice.

Thao (Finance)

Physiotherapy - Mid and Lower Back Pain

Integrative Physio provides unique services to their patients with a team of competent practitioners. We have recommended 5 patients to their practice for physiotherapy, nutrition and naturopathy massage. Matt and Jack have effectively treated my husband through two different knee injuries. Matt has been able to provide increased mobility and pain relief for issues relating to my thoracic spine, lower back and gluteal muscles. We are working on stabilising and strengthening my body to ensure that I can exercise and maintain good health. I had the most relaxing massage with Wakana today, where she focused on areas that Matt is also treating to provide deep tissue relief. No one has ever massaged the knots out so gently! Highly recommend this holistic team in helping you get the most out of life. Thank you.

Freddie (Climber)

Physiotherapy - Forearm Pain

Best physios you can find here!
From my neck to my shoulders, my fingers to my knees!
They have been taking care of my poor fingers from all the torture I put them through in rock climbing! They even came down to the climbing gym to observe and understand the amount of stress I put my body into, so that they can better treat the root of all my issues.

P.S. They are magicians with dry needling as well! My favorite treatment of all!

Following up with them weekly to improve my physical conditioning!

Jane (Dancer) 

Physiotherapy - Hamstring pain

Look nowhere else - highly recommended!

I had a serious sport injury on my hamstring that persisted for quite a long time, I rested a lot and tried various methods but it just wouldn't heal. Fortunately, I found Matthew's clinic and was seen by him. He was very professional and patient - just simply brilliant! Since receiving treatments from him, I gradually recovered and now I have returned to my professional dance training again. I would highly recommend Matthew and his clinic!

Sara (Teacher)

Physiotherapy - Jaw and neck pain

When I first sought out Matt for treatment I had been suffering from severe TMJ jaw pain and chronic neck and shoulder pain for 2 years. I was immediately comfortable with Matt and confident in his skills. Rather than merely address the pain itself Matt addresses the causes of the pain. His approach is holistic and the treatments he uses are varied and highly effective, and tailored specifically to my pain levels. He uses a combination of massage, stretching and muscle release, as well as dry needling and has set up regime of stretching and exercises for me to do at home as well.

He is creative and thoughtful in his approach to my treatment, and highly flexible in what he does depending on my issues at the time. In addition, he is friendly and easy to talk to, which allows me to feel fully comfortable and relaxed in his presence. I've been seeing Matt now for two years and the progress I've made has been extremely positive. My jaw pain in particular has been reduced to such a manageable level that I often have days with no pain at all. My neck and shoulder pain has also been significantly reduced, and despite the stubborn nature of my issues Matt continues to persist and is constantly finding new methods to further improve my overall physical well-being. I have been very happy with my results!

Grace (Pilates Instructor)

Physiotherapy - Chronic OA Knee Pain

Mom has osteoarthritis, sprain on MCL, cartilage loss, fracture line etc that made her walk limping, slowly and painfully. She was seen by Jack and got two treatments in two consecutive days (as we are living in Indonesia). He is very professional and helpful, using simple language to explain her condition and what kind of exercises she needs to do. First treatment has already made her feel much better, no pain while walking. She directly went shopping. Been months not to see her walking this far and fast. We also met Matt for a very useful intakes suggestion. Highly recommended clinic and will come at any chances!

Ashley (Student)

Physiotherapy - Neck pain

"I walked into the clinic with a stiff neck but after the treatment, I was able to move my neck again. Everyone there was really nice hence I highly recommend this place."

Regina (Dancer)

Physiotherapy -Neck pain

Matthew has been treating me since I was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis last year, when I suddenly experienced acute pain in my neck and shoulder. Matthew's approach is hollistic; he makes a great deal of effort to understand the sport that I do to treat and help me manage my pain. He integrates dry needling, massaging to release, as well as stretching in his treatment. In addition, he advised me on the muscles that needed strengthening in my cross training regimen as well as oral supplements that may help to alleviate my pain. Matthew has helped me to manage my pain well, stabilise my condition and allow me to continue dancing at a competitive level. I recommend him wholeheartedly!

Tabae (Dancer)

Physiotherapy - Knee pain

As a dancer suffering from knee pain and a hypersensitivity of the knee that was a result of a surgery. Matthew has really helped me overcome the physical pain as well as the mental pain. Before my treatment, I couldn't let anyone, not even myself, touch my knee. Now, the hypersensitivity and the pain are gone. My treatment consisted of dry needling, massages and Infra Red therapy. His massages are painful but so worth it. He's also fun to talk to! I would totally recommend him.

Claire (New Mother)

Physiotherapy - Neck and back pain

I had been suffering from neck pain, headaches and back pain since I started breastfeeding my baby. My neck was constantly stiff and the situation was so serious that I woke up in the middle of one night and sprained my neck. I ended up in the ER. Therefore went to my orthopaedic doctor, who told me that nothing much can be done from his side but suggested me to go to a physiotherapist that he thought can really help me. I therefore visited Matt and brought my husband along, who suffered from years of lower back pain. It bothered him so much that we avoided any situation that he needed to sit or stand for long. We basically went to many orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists in Singapore and even other countries. Chinese medicine was sought for help too. We traveled to China just for acupuncture to cure the pain. But no results. Still pain there. Hence, my husband was reluctant to go to another physiotherapist. The first time we went to Matt, he came with doubts. I didn't carry much hopes either but still wanted to try. First visit, my husband was cured. I know it sounded like a funny fraud ad on a TV commercial. But it's not. Matt spent some time finding the possible spots that might have caused his pain and then used needles. He immediately felt the relief. Just one visit, his life is changed. And Matt told him no need to come if no more pain. Similar to his case, my situation was improved, though not as magically as my husband's case. I got much better and basically reset to pain free after the treatment. I'll recommend Matt to anyone with back pain problems. He is the only one, out of the numerous physiotherapists, TCM doctors who we have seen that really knows how to identify the pain source and can treat it.