Matthew Winter

Senior Physiotherapist, Director

BSc (hons) Phyt(UK), MAHPC, MSPA, CFMP
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (USA)
Senior Medical Educator (World Rugby)

Clinical Interests: Head, Neck and Shoulder

Matthew graduated from Nottingham University (UK) and has been working in Singapore for ten years. Having completed a broad spectrum of hospital experience in acute medical and musculoskeletal care, he moved into the private arena before deciding to pursue his vision for integrative healthcare.

Matthew has a broad range of interests combining his work as a Sports Physiotherapist for the Singapore Rugby Union, dealing with pitchside trauma and sports injuries with his other interests of chronic musculoskeletal pain and Functional Medicine. His work in Rugby has seen him lead pitchside medical teams at Singapore Cricket Club Sevens, World Rugby 10’s competition, the HSBC Sevens and Super Rugby competitions. 

As a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner he seeks the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction through an in depth history and examination to prescribe a treatment plan that deals with root cause, putting the body in the best position to heal itself.

In addition to rehabilitative exercise and conventional manual therapy, Matthew combines holistic techniques including visceral manipulation and dry needling to form a treatment approach that considers whole body imbalances and restrictions that contribute to acute and persistent or chronic injuries. Matthew initially trained in Chinese TCM needling for pain as part of his Physiotherapy undergraduate before completing further multiple further training in other needling techniques in Australia and Singapore culminating in almost 300 hours of practical training. Now, inspired by the Chann-Gunn approach, his current interest is the relevance of spinal sensitisation and neural drive that contributes to chronic musculoskeletal pain. Of late he had the great privilege of being taught by one of Dry Needling’s founders Dr Jan Dommerholt (Physiotherapist) in the area of pelvic pain.

In order to maximise patient outcome, Matthew regularly draws on the expertise of his team of functional nutritional therapists and physiotherapy colleagues to ensure that the patient is managed from all angles. Matthew has valuable experience treating specialised conditions involving the jaw, neck and shoulder. His interest in the shoulder has been galvanised by the training of Dr Lyn Watson (Physiotherapist) with whom he seeks to align with for optimal management.

Outside of clinical practice Matthew has had his research on hamstring injuries presented at the Singapore Scientific Congress, Matthew is actively involved in clinical research in the field of sports injuries, Matthew has taught Physiotherapists in China on the subject of back and neck pain and has taught across southeast Asia as a Senior Medical Educator (Medical Trainer) for the World Rugby “First Aid in Rugby” and “Immediate Care in Rugby” courses as well as the RFU Pre hospital Immediate Care in Sport (PHICIS). He has also sits on the Singapore Rugby Union Medical Committee and pitchside medical education sub committee in helping to direct pitch-side care and education in the region.

In his spare time Matthew is a keen recreational sportsman, actor, guitarist and singer.


Karen Edwards

Senior Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy 2000, HCPC UK registered

Clinical interests

Continence - Male and female, including urological neurological causes (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and stroke) and pre- and post-operative prostate cancer care
Obstetrics – Ante- and post-natal care
Gynaecology – Gynaecological surgery and menopause issues

Karen graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University (UK) in 2000. After completing her junior rotation, covering all areas of physiotherapy in large teaching hospitals in Scotland, she decided to specialise in pelvic health. Her interest and development in this area of practise took her to work in a Urology clinic in Waikato District General Hospital (New Zealand).

Returning to Scotland, Karen then spent the next 3 years working in large teaching hospitals delivering both inpatient and outpatient obstetric and gynaecological care. During this time, new standards of care and physiotherapy guidelines were developed to ensure that women were given access to specialist clinicians throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Karen believes strongly that, by providing timely, specialist physiotherapy care, the musculoskeletal issues around pregnancy can be alleviated and women can stay fit for both pregnancy and motherhood. Continence issues, while common, need not simply be accepted. Karen is a passionate advocate that, with education and rehabilitation, both women and men can regain control of their bladders, and most importantly improve their quality of life.

Alongside improvement in maternal care, the new field of Men’s Health Physiotherapy was emerging. Karen’s next career move was to take up the new Lead Urology Practitioner Physiotherapist post within a large specialist prostate cancer centre in Scotland. This new post aimed to provide Scotland’s first full pre-habilitation and rehabilitation continence service for men. This service, allowed men and their partners to have access to a full multi–disciplinary team (MDT) - Consultant, Physio and Nurse Specialist - prior to surgery and immediately post-operatively. We then continued to fully support these patients to improve their continence and confidence to return to a full and active life.

Karen recently presented her audit of the new service at an NHS conference, showing its benefit for the patient. This approach is starting to become more widely available in the UK and accepted as the gold standard in patient care.

While in this post, Karen lectured regularly in Scotland to both professional and public bodies. In 2011, Karen represented physiotherapy as a member of the on the scientific committee of the International Continence Society. She is also on the Advisory Committee for Prostate Scotland. This charity aims through education, to improve the awareness of Prostate cancer and its treatment, to both the public and other professionals. She also volunteered regularly for Lothian Twins and Multiples ante-natal classes, providing education on the unique concerns of the mums of multiples.

Alongside her NHS post, Karen also continued to develop her obstetric skills by running a private practice. This practice focused on providing both education and exercise classes for ante- and post- natal women and home-based treatment for mums who were struggling to come to a clinic-based appointment. This service met the needs of ladies who were keen to learn more about the changes in their body throughout and after pregnancy and how to best and safely improve their fitness, pelvic floor health and endurance for motherhood. Education and providing patients the tools to manage their own conditions alongside their practitioner is a strong theme within Karen’s practise.

Having had an extensive NHS background, Karen has had extensive exposure to a wide range of patient groups and of working closely with other experts in the area of women’s and men’s health. She is able to provide a holistic service: to provide not only specialist treatment but also to empower the patient to take ownership and control of the situation with individual strategies and plans.

Karen moved to Singapore with her husband and young son to experience life and culture in South East Asia. Alongside family life, Karen enjoys regular exercise, singing, coffee and “blethers”(Scots for chat) with friends.

Lisa Jane McConnell

Nutritional Therapist

Nutritional Therapy BSc (Hons), CNHC registered
Certified GAPS* Practitioner                                                                                                                               

Member of BANT, IFM, RSM

Realising that her international corporate career was taking its’ toll, Lisa decided to turn near burn-out into an opportunity to reassess and revitalise. In doing so, she discovered the power of nutrition and lifestyle changes to regenerate not just the body, but also the mind. Re-energized, she pursued a BSc (Hons) degree in Nutritional Therapy through the Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management (CNELM) in collaboration with Middlesex University.

Lisa adopts a highly personalised and evidence-based approach to establishing the root cause of patients varying health concerns. She utilises in-depth pre-consultation questionnaires, comprehensive initial consultations and where appropriate specific laboratory testing which she has handpicked from best-in-class laboratories from the US, UK and Australia including Doctor’s Data International, Great Plain Laboratory, Genova Diagnostics and Labrix. Lisa has experience in working with clients from around the world who reside in different countries and is therefore adept in ensuring that regardless of health condition, location and circumstances her personalised recommendations can be easily implemented. Adhering to an 80/20 approach herself, Lisa is adept working with her clients to find a uniquely tailored approach that is realistic and achievable for each individual.

Training and practicing on the basis of Functional Medicine enables Lisa to work with all types of health conditions though she has a particular interest in adult Attention Deficit Disorder (adult ADD) and mental health. She is keen to promote personalised health care and zealous about keeping abreast of new research/advances in nutrition/natural medicine, particularly in the areas of nutrigenomics, the human microbiome, sports nutrition and cancer care.  A strong believer in integrative care, Lisa also works closely with her Physiotherapy colleagues in order to optimally manage patients with physical considerations ranging from chronic pain, through restricted motion to enhancing sports performance.

Lisa is confident that anything is possible when you focus on optimising your health and is passionate about empowering people to embark on their own personal journey towards transforming their lives and achieving their goals.

In her spare time, Lisa loves to dance, dive, travel, read and study, not to forget indulging her inner ‘foodie’.

*GAPS is an abbreviation of Gut and Psychology Syndrome


Josephine Ng

Registered Nutritional Therapist
Functional Medicine Practitioner

CNHC (UK) registered
Member of BANT, IFM
Certified DNALife Practitioner
Energy Medicine - intuitive therapy

Josephine has over a decade of experience helping people with complex and chronic health conditions with special interest in thyroid, adrenal, other hormonal, autoimmune, immune, digestive, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.

Having been through her own health challenges from childhood and debilitating pain from mysterious gut problems and more, she knows what it is like to feel frustrated, anxious and at times, helpless. She discovered nutritional therapy whilst working as a financial journalist in London. From healing herself, her journey has turned to a commitment to help others on their personal road to recovery and beyond.

With an educational background in Science all the way to university, Josephine took to studying nutritional therapy at UK’s renowned Institute for Optimal Nutrition like duck to water.

Her work is based on functional medicine that looks for the underlying causes of health issues. This involves looking at the interaction of different body systems and the interplay between one’s personal life history, genetics, diet, lifestyle and internal (mind, emotions, spirit) and external environment (toxic exposures).

She employs both conventional medical testing and cutting edge functional tests including nutri-genomic tests, organic acids tests, toxicities tests and the most advanced PCR (DNA technology) stool test to gain valuable insights into a client’s health issues.

She emphasizes a two-way partnership. Working with a client is like peeling the layers of an onion where tears are shed. Her aim is to turn the tears of pain into tears of joy. 

Josephine also uses energetic modalities to help resolve deep-seated issues that may be blocking the client’s progress on the physical side.

She has worked alongside medical doctors and complementary practitioners during her years in London, Hong Kong and now Singapore. She supports an international clientele both in person and remotely. She ensures that her recommended diet, lifestyle and therapeutic supplement programmes work safely alongside a client’s existing medical treatment.

Josephine is a Graduate of Applying Functional Medicine In Clinical Practice and a certified DNALife Practitioner. She continuously learns from world-class experts in Functional Medicine and holistic therapies. She is a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and the Institute for Functional Medicine (U.S.). She is registered with UK’s Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.