What are your opening hours?

Mon-Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday     9am-2pm

Lunch Break 1-2pm (Mon-Fri)

Can we come earlier/later?

If it is very necessary then we can make a request to your practitioner but it is on a case by case basis depending on availability and urgency.  

Where are you located?

Scotts Medical Center - It is opposite Shaw Centre and next to the Royal Plaza hotel on Scotts Road.

Our unit is 12-01, you can take the lift to the 12th floor then turn left.  

Is there parking?

Yes there is parking in the building.

What’s your full address? 

Integrative Physio

9 Scotts Road #12-01
Scotts Medical Center, Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210 

Map and Telephone can be found on our contact us page.



If you need a course of treatment that does not heavily involve the practitioner e.g. Traction/infra red then we will give you a different price which only involves a 15minute consultation followed by the modality:

Infra Red Lamp/Ultrasound/Infrared Sauna (without consultation): $45 dollars

I am a new patient is there anything I should know?

  • Please arrive 5-10mins before your first appointment to fill out our registration forms. If you received our forms online and have returned them then you don't need to do this.

  • If you have any scans/reports/referral letter, please bring these with you.

What should I wear? 

  • If you are here for a lower limb/low back issue please bring shorts

  • If you are here for a limb issue please bring your sports shoes if you wear them regularly.

Do I need to wear a sports bra instead?

We do not recommend wearing a sports bra as it gets in the way of a lot of techniques.

Do I need to bring all my shoes?

If you are coming in with a foot complaint bring the pair of shoes that you most often wear and the shoes you most often wear for sport. If you wear orthotics please also bring these.

 I’m not able to bring shorts, do you have any?

Yes, we can provide shorts for the session.